Never Run Out of Propane Again

View the level of your tank anywhere, anytime, using the app available for Apple & Android smartphones. With the Nee-Vo app you can:

  • Track tank levels in real-time.
  • Customize level alerts.
  • Request a refill.
  • Consult usage history.

The app allows the customer to see the actual percentage in the tank and allows them to contact Ritchie to place orders at the touch of a button. Installed by our qualified Service Technicians at no charge.

3 Key Customers

Physically Unable to Check the Tank?
  • Put the actual percent reading at their fingertips.
  • Contact supplier for an actual reading in the event they do not have a smartphone.
  • Comfort knowing that the tank’s percentage is just a call away!
Second Home
  • Know what percent you have from anywhere.
  • Receive alerts when it’s time for a delivery.
House and Generator
  • Utilize the high draw feature built into the monitor.


  • Instant reading on their phone.
  • High usage alarm will alert the customer in the event of a gas leak or a generator running.
  • Available low/no usage alarm will alert the customer in the event of a heating system failure. This can prevent frozen/broken pipes
  • Alerts when it’s time to call for a delivery, and an alert to let the customer know a delivery has been made.
  • Instant contact on the app allows the customer to call in or email Ritchie Propane through the app.
  • Industry-leading 15+ year battery life
  • Waterproof and survives the harsh winter environments
  • Uses dual sim connecting to multiple cell towers for maximum coverage

Call for more information: 715-356-3245,

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